Sivabakkiam Muthusamy Matriculation & Higher Secondary School


  • Regular Classes starts at 0915Hrs and ends at 1530Hrs.

  • The academic program in our school is encapsulated with various activities that keeps our students to be a all rounder. It incorporates Curriculum, Co-Scholastic, and Special interest activities. This method keep our students both mentally and physically prepared at all times.

  • In Matric. board the academic year starts from June and goes on up to mid of April month.

  • There will be 3 terms in a academic year. Every term will end up with a Summative and formative assessment for the students. In the 3rd term, Students in Grade 10,11 and 12 will appear for Government board exams .

  • Our students are connected with,

    • SM School Portal.

    • *G-Suite.

    • *Google Classroom.

    • *Adobe for Schools.

    • *Trimble Sketchup for 3D learning.